Using Vortex Mod Manager

It's NOT required to use Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) to play Skyrim Together Reborn!

Option 1: Downloading SKSE through VMM

  1. Close Vortex

  2. Open Vortex

  3. Press the notification bell:

  4. Press on the More button

  5. Select Open in Vortex

  6. Select Continue

  7. Download the Anniversary Edition version of SKSE:

  8. Vortex will now download and install SKSE automatically

  9. You can check the Mods in Vortex, to check if it's installed correctly.

  10. Done for now!

Remember to complete Running Skyrim with SKSE, at the bottom of this page.

Option 2: Downloading SKSE manually

This option will guide you through downloading SKSE and importing it manually in VMM.

  1. Head to this website and download the Anniversary Edition version of SKSE

  2. Look at the picture below if it doesn't make sense

  3. It will download a file named skse64_2_01_05.7z or similiar, the filename might change in the future.

  4. Open VMM

  5. Go to Mods

  6. Select Install From File

  7. Select the skse64_2_01_05.7z archive and press Open

  8. Vortex will now install the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)

  9. If succesful, it will look like this:

Remember to run SkyrimSE with SKSE after installing it, to make sure it works!

Running Skyrim with SKSE

Just be sure it works, let's launch SKSE now manually.

  1. Open Vortex

  2. Go to the Dashboard

  3. Find the custom launch option named Skyrim Script Extender 64

  4. Press this

  5. If it does not appear or you are unable to run it, restart Vortex and it should appear.

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