Making a custom launch option in MO2

With our path from the previous step copied: C:\Modding\MO2\mods\Skyrim Together Reborn\SkyrimTogetherReborn

We are now prepared to proceed!

Making a custom launch option in MO2

  1. Open MO2

  2. Locate the box besides the RUN button, where it says Skyrim Special Edition

  3. Press on it, and select the <Edit...> button

  4. Select the Clone selected option.

  5. So far it should look like this:

9. Rename the newly created Skyrim Special Edition (1) to Skyrim Together Reborn

11. Go to the path you copied before: C:\Modding\MO2\mods\Skyrim Together Reborn\SkyrimTogetherReborn

12. In there, select the SkyrimTogether.exe

13. In the Start in field, you can leave it be as it is

14. Press the OK button and the launcher is now configured

15. Select the Skyrim Together Reborn launch option in the dropdown menu

Onwards to the next step!

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