Connecting to your server

How to connect to the server

This page is intended to show the host's friend(s) how to connect to his or her server.

Installing ZeroTier

It's actually quite easy. We only need to download the ZeroTier client.

  1. There will be no installation prompts or instructions.

Joining your host's network

We now need to join the ZeroTier network of the server host.

  1. Remind your server host that you need to be authorized. They will understand what it means!

Using the Skyrim Together Reborn UI (STRUI)

Now to connect to your friends Skyrim Together Reborn server.

  1. To access the Skyrim Together Reborn UI, press F2 or Right-CTRL. From now on, the guide will refer to it as the STRUI.

  2. Open up the STRUI by pressing either F2 or Right-CTRL.

    • If STRUI does not open, please see this page for help.

  3. Press the Connect button to start connecting to a server

Connecting to a server

Please make sure you have finished the Helgen intro sequence / tutorial before following these steps.

  1. Before you press Connect, you will need to enter your server's connection information.

  2. There will be an Address field and a Password field.

  3. In the Address field, you should put your server's managed IPv4 address.

    • If you're the one hosting it on your PC, you will enter the IP address

    • If you're a friend of the host, trying to connect to their ZeroTier hosted server, you will need to enter the managed IP address.

  4. Press Connect to connect to the server; there should be a visual and an audial confirmation that you're connected.

  5. It should say Succesfully connected to a server in the little chat window.

  6. Now you should be connected and ready to play Skyrim Together Reborn with your friends. 👍

Read the playguide to learn how to properly complete quests with your friends!

If you want to do quests with your friends, you must first read the playguide.


  1. If you have any problems, take a look through the Troubleshooting pages on this wiki.

  2. If the troubleshooting pages were ineffective in helping you, you can always ask questions on the Discord server.

  3. If your connection times out, make sure you have ZeroTier open, on both the server host and on your PC.

That was it, for the ZeroTier server setup.

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