Before we begin

A few notes before we begin playing!

  1. Every time you want to play Skyrim Together Reborn, you must use the custom launcher we made in ModOrganizer2/MO2.

  2. When you first launch Skyrim Together Reborn, you should create a NEW CHARACTER. When playing Skyrim Together Reborn, it is recommended that you only use that character and savegame.

  3. You MUST finish the first Helgen mission before attempting to connect. Otherwise, things will go wrong for you, and you may have to restart with a new savegame.

  4. Bugs should be expected. There are numerous bugs. This will not be a smooth, MMO-like experience in which everything "just works." Remember, they're a group of volunteers doing this in their spare time for free.

  5. If you want to contribute to the mod's development, we are always looking for C++ coders and people with reverse engineering skills for the mod, and Angular/TypeScript coders for the mod's UI. Join our Discord server and introduce yourself.

  6. If you don't know how to code but still want to help, please report your bugs and discoveries here. Use the template; it exists for a reason. If you truly want to help fix the bug, be as thorough as possible.

Read the playguide to learn how to properly complete quests with your friends!

If you want to do quests with your friends, you must first read the playguide.

Onwards to the next step!

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