Locating Skyrim Together Reborn through MO2

To get Skyrim Together Reborn to work, we'll need to configure MO2 to allow us to launch Skyrim via SkyrimTogether.exe.

Finding the Skyrim Together Reborn folder

  1. Open MO2

  2. Find this little icon

  3. Click on it and select Open Mods Folder

  4. If you've followed this guide step-by-step, this folder show now open up: C:\Modding\MO2\mods

  5. Open the Skyrim Together Reborn folder.

  6. In there should be another folder, named Skyrim Together Reborn.

  7. The entire path you need to copy is: C:\Modding\MO2\mods\Skyrim Together Reborn\SkyrimTogetherReborn

Onwards to the next step!

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