Using Vortex Mod Manager

If you remove the Creation Club content, your existing savegame(s) may become unloadable.

Regardless, it is strongly advised that they be removed!

Removing the Creation Club content

Because you can't disable them, we'll have to delete them.

Vortex Mod Manger (VMM) supports "ghosting" files, which essentially means renaming them, but it didn't work very well in my testing. As a result, deleting the files is the best option.

However, keep the following in mind:

Steam will attempt to download those files again. For example, if Skyrim receives an update, you reinstall the game, or you Verify the integrity of the game files via Steam.

Delete the files

  1. Close Vortex Mod Manager (VMM)

  2. Open this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data

  3. Find these files: ccBGSSSE001-Fish.bsa ccBGSSSE001-Fish.esm ccBGSSSE025-AdvDSGS.bsa ccBGSSSE025-AdvDSGS.esm ccBGSSSE037-Curios.bsa ccBGSSSE037-Curios.esl ccQDRSSE001-SurvivalMode.bsa ccQDRSSE001-SurvivalMode.esl

  4. And delete them.

  5. Re-open VMM

  6. Go to the Plugins menu, and the mods/plugins will not be listed anymore

I need the Creation Club files back, what do I do?

If you want to restore the files, you can always Verify integrity of game files through Steam:

  1. Find The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

  2. Right click and select Properties

  3. Select Local Files

  4. Select Verify integrity of game files...

  5. Steam will re-download the Creation Club mods that you deleted

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