How to run Skyrim Together via Pterodactyl

Visit the following Page for more information and for the download.

The guide uses the tag "latest" for the server which potentially isn't what you want.

Check the file "egg-tilted-evolution.json" for the word "docker_images". Here "latest" is mentioned twice which needs to be changed to the desired version e.g. "1.5.0". Available versions can be found here

The following steps are the same as mentioned on the Github page.


  • Download the egg-tilted-evolution.json egg definition

  • Adding the Nest & Egg

    • admin > Nests > Create New

      • Name: "Skyrim"

      • Save

    • admin > Nests > Import Egg

      • Egg File: egg-tilted-evolution.json

      • Associated Nest: "Skyrim"

      • Import

  • Creating a Server

    • admin > "Servers" > Create New

      • Server Name: "Skyrim Together Reborn"

      • Server Owner: desired user

      • Memory: desired memory allocation

      • Disk: desired disk space

      • Nest: "Skyrim"

      • Egg: "Tilted Evolution"

      • Create Server

  • Configuring the Server

    • Using the CLI:

      • Can be done while the server is running using the built in CLI commands.

      • This config will be saved to the STServer.ini file upon shutdown.

    • Using the STServer.ini:

      • Can ONLY be done while the server is shutdown

      • If done while running, the config will be overwritten with the running config

  • Updating the Server

    • Pterodactyl should automatically pull the latest image when (re)starting the server

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