Getting Started

Reading the playguide is as essential as the installation itself. It takes one minute to read. Please take the time to do so, as it will help you in the dozens of hours you might be playing this mod.

Supported versions

Skyrim Special Edition v1.6 on Steam is required to play Skyrim Together Reborn. The Anniversary Upgrade paid mod pack is not required. We recommend that you play without it. The VR, console, Legendary, and GamePass editions are incompatible. Skyrim Special Edition v1.5 is not supported either (aka pre-anniversary update). Verify the game files through Steam to ensure you have the most recent Special Edition update installed.

To see the full list of Supported games and versions, visit this page.

ReadMe before installing!

This will be a guide that will get Skyrim Together Reborn up and running, with only the required mods included.

The main reason is that mods can complicate things with Skyrim Together Reborn. For more information, see this and this.

When the guide refers to "SkyrimSE," it simply means "Skyrim Special Edition."


The guide uses either MO2 or Vortex as the mod manager.

Both mod managers have their separate guides.

You must first launch Skyrim Special Edition via Steam before you can begin! This only needs to be done once.

Client Setup (installing the mod)

Server Setup (hosting a server)

Good luck!

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