Getting started with Tilted Online
A guide to getting started with Tilted Online.

Download and Setup

Before proceeding: you MUST be logged in on GitHub to be able to download artifacts.
To begin, go to our GitHub and click on the Actions tab.
Click the "Build windows" button.
Select the latest workflow that was built from the "master" branch.
Scroll down and click the file called "windows-latest-x64-releasedbg".
Unzip the downloaded file.
Double click on "TiltedOnline.exe".
Write the number of the game you want to play and press the Enter key.
Select the game executable of the game you chose in the previous step. In this case, "SkyrimSE.exe".
That's it! Now it should start the selected game and you can play Tilted Online. If you want to use Tilted Online through a mod manager, refer to the link at the bottom of this page. Otherwise, a lot of the setup from here is similar to the Nightly Builds, so you can refer to following guide for more information.

Launch arguments

TiltedOnline.exe accepts the following launch parameters:
TiltedOnline -g <SkyrimSE or Fallout4> -r <Optional> For example "TiltedOnline.exe -g SkyrimSE". This would open a window where you have to select your SkyrimSE.exe If you accidentally chose the wrong game executable, you can use the '-r' argument to reselect the executable ("TiltedOnline -r).


Launch TiltedOnline.exe to start up the mod, either directly or via a shortcut. If everything worked as intended, a Tilted Reverse Console will pop up and the Imgui UI will be displayed on top of your game. Once loaded into a save, run the corresponding server executable (or script, if you created one). You should now be able to connect in-game by using the UI in the top left corner; pressing RCTRL thrice should free your mouse so that you're able to interact with the UI. The UI is layered on top of one another by default, so you'll need to move the UI windows first to be able to connect.
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