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These are the frequently asked question about the current rewrite of Skyrim Together.
Skyrim Together: Reborn
Fallout Together

Gameplay and general


Before you are able to connect or create a session, you will first have to complete the character creation and play through the “Helgen Escape,” aka the “Unbound” quest.
Mods like Alternate Start work like as you would expect; you can finish up your character and are allowed to connect. You will be able to see other players in that cell if they also decide to connect in that area.


You will be able to see a players’ race, gender, apparel and weapons. We advise against SKSE character overhauls as we cannot synchronize those; use at your own risk. Movement interpolation will take place to make movement and animations look as smooth as possible.
Custom races may work if you both have the mod, depending on the implementation of said mod.
Intense character editing such as vertex editing will not be synchronized, as that is functionality around the base game we cannot fetch using vanilla functionality. This might be possible in the future if the mod creators decide to implement our future API.


Player versus player (PVP)

Player versus environment (PVE)

LeveledNPCs are NPCs that spawn based on what level the cell host is. Meaning that if a low level enters the cell first the spawned NPC's will be based on their low level.
NPCs are enabled before being used, meaning that you can see both Ralof and Hadvar in Riverwood if two players chose the other at the start in Helgen.
The targeting of NPCs against players in Skyrim Together can be a bit quirky due to the nature of the game.

World events and state

Cell changing and Fast Traveling

You are free to roam and fast travel to any cell you like. We don't limit players based on distance or area. Players in the same area (cell) will be able to see each other and their actions, NPCs will be synchronized.
When fast traveling to other locations or entering new areas, you will be the only one moving to that new location. Other players who are connected will have to manually travel with you to the same location. There is an in-game command that will allow you to teleport to other players in the same area(cell) and is used, for example, by typing “/tp PlayerName” within the in-game chat.



Spells and shouts

Spell Effects

Sneaking and stealth

Sneaking is an option while playing with your friends. You will be detected if a player is still standing and looking towards you, so it's like the default behaviour of any NPC.

Experience and dragon souls

Slow time effects / slow motion


The game will appear paused while you are in a menu, however on exit, your game will catch up.

Factions and bounties

Locks and lock picking


Pickpocketing / thieving

You can become a thief and pickpocket other players. If the AI spots you, you won't be able to pickpocket the player anymore.

Console commands

Console commands such as: tgm, tcl, and additem will work in-game. You can even make other NPCs play animations with these, as long as they are hosted by you. You can do funny things with them such as dancing, drinking and applauding. We’re not going to create an option to disable console commands for now. You will just have to trust your friends.
There are a few things that don’t sync however, most notably setscale, so unfortunately you will not be able to tower over your enemies.


Time and weather

Time and weather is completely synced as well as the transition of each other.

Saving and loading

Houses / homes



Dialogue will initially not be synchronized. We will try to synchronize this after initial release.


Currently placement of objects (like chairs, anvils, carpets) aren’t synced, however we plan to have this functionality implemented eventually.

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