Tilted Online
Features - Nightly Builds
A tentative list of Nightly Build features. - Needs Verification
This version is abandoned; the code base was completely reworked into a new version called Reborn. As such, the Nightly Builds won't receive any further updates, but you can still play on them until Reborn has caught up to (and replaced) Nightly Builds.
Skyrim Together
Below you'll find a list of the features and functionalities that were synced before the Nightly Builds were abandoned. No further features will be added to this list as the Nightly Builds are no longer in active development.
  • NPCs
  • Location and rotation
  • All humanoid animations and basic non-humanoid animations
  • Initial armor/weapons
  • Pickpocketing
  • Player Inventory
  • Actor values (health, stamina, mana, etc)
  • Party creation (no usage)
  • Chat and connecting of UI
  • Death
  • Transformations (werewolf/vampire)
  • Travel and position
  • Spells/Shouts
  • Projectiles (arrows and magic)
  • Leveled Actors (duplicated to prevent crashing)
  • Static containers (chests, barrels, urns, etc)
  • Locks and Lockpicking
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